Build Apps Visually with Lightning App Builder



Instead of building enterprise applications from the ground up time after time, what if you could assemble apps from a huge library of reusable, well-defined components without writing a single line of code? With the Lightning App Builder anyone in your company can combine custom and off-the-shelf Lightning Components to assemble beautiful apps visually.

In this webinar, you will:

:: Get introduced to the Lightning App Builder
:: See how quick actions make your apps more interactive
:: Learn how to deploy Lightning apps to the Salesforce1 Mobile App

Key Takeaways

:: Anyone can build apps - without writing code
:: Lightning App Builder leverages re-usable Lightning Components
:: Lightning Apps fit seamlessly into the Salesforce1 Mobile App
:: Combine Lightning App Builder with Lightning Process Builder to automate business processes in your app

Intended Audience

:: Salesforce Developers and Admins.