Android Eclipse Tutorial #1 - Building an App From Scratch



In this video, I show you how to create a basic Android app from the very bottom.

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Here is a link to all of the code that I wrote (compare yours to mine):

If you're having a problem with your code/app, go to this website:
and paste your code in the box. Select Java as the language in the top right, and then select Create Paste. Copy the URL (link) it brings you to, then comment on this video with a description of the problem and also paste the link you copied.

ALSO, please WATCH THE VIDEO AGAIN to make sure the code you have is correct. People that show me code which is obviously not the code that I wrote because they MISSPELL words are annoying. If you're trying to do what I'm doing in the video and you've made sure that the code is the same, then please comment. I can help with additional problems to the code I've already showed.

Also, please read the error messages that occur and try to solve them yourself. Usually they give you a clear explanation of the problem.

0:00 starting it all up

2:30 building your layout

6:34 starting to code the basic stuff

9:48 creating the button listener

11:14 getting the user input

12:07 displaying text to the screen (on the label)

12:43 running the app for the first time

13:50 creating a new class for the calculations and creating a static method for it

16:03 using the class created to do the calculations

16:43 using the constructor method and a non-static method in the class created to do the calculations

18:50 creating an instance of the class and using the non-static method to do the calculations

19:50 running the app using the class created to do the calculations

This sample app uses user input and does calculations with that user input. A button listener detects when a button is clicked, and then the calculated results are displayed to the screen.

I also show you how to use static methods, non-static methods, and separate classes to perform sample calculations.

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