Building an App with WordPress



Already have a WordPress site, and want an app to go with it, but don’t have $50,000+, a team of programmers, and a year to have it built? Learn how you can leverage your existing WordPress content to build an app in a matter of days or weeks. This webinar will give you an overview of the options available and steps required to create a WordPress-based app for iOS and Android. We will discuss:

- Plugins and Services for Creating WordPress Apps
- Using Native Features
- App Development Checklist
- Publishing Your App

Please note that some of the content for this course requires intermediate to advanced experience with WordPress. You should know how to:

- Install and configure WordPress plugins and themes
- Look at (and maybe even edit) an XML file without your head exploding
- Follow some pretty confusing and potentially convoluted instructions without getting too annoyed

Register for the webinar via the URL provided to get access to the slideshow and additional resources.